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Using SEO for Effective Internet Marketing

Date Added: March 19, 2010 08:38:28 PM
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Perhaps the most popular buzzword today in the Internet marketing world is SEO but even so, only a small percentage of the people running Internet marketing campaigns can truly stand up and claim to know what SEO is all about. This lack of knowledge about SEO has contributed to not tapping the SEO world fully for it to work as effectively as it should. Even so, even seasoned Internet marketers still find it hard to execute their SEO strategies and techniques for maximum effect.

The most critical part for running any kind of business, as any marketer will tell you is advertising. This is because without advertisement, you will not be able to reach new clients and present your products and/or services to them. The advantage of running a business online is the fact that there are free advertising opportunities that can help you reach a very wide and large target audience beyond all geographical boundaries. This form of advertising is optimal search engine rankings.

Typically, search engines rank websites based on complex algorithms designed to tell apart the most relevant sites for certain search terms. It is therefore imperative to take the time and effort to SE optimize your site for relevant search terms to enhance your chances of getting high rankings on the search engines for the selected search terms. High rankings are very important for any website because web surfers rely and trust the top search results for what they are looking for. Therefore, top search results should be your target as they increase traffic towards your site which can increase your sales significantly.

Now that you know the importance of SE rankings, it is only natural to wonder just how the SE rankings are achieved. The easiest and perhaps cheapest way, depending on how you view it, to optimize your site is to hire an SEO expert to do it for you. This is because SEO being the complex and dynamic industry that it is, is continually evolving and changing, making it very hard for many business owners who aren’t SEO specialists to be up-to-date with acceptable industry standards.

As mentioned, the search engine use very complex algorithms and factor in different things before ranking a site. Such factors include Meta Tags, anchor text, Titles and title tags, inbound and outbound links, web content and amount of traffic. Keyword density is simply the number of times a certain keyword or keyword phrase appears in the content of the site. The idea behind keywords and rankings is the notion that the search engines assume that when a keyword is used repeatedly, it should be very relevant to the content. You ought to be cautious though not to overuse the keywords lest you send wrong signals of keyword spamming and get banned from the search results.  

Meta Tags are HTML codes used by the search engines to evaluate and determine the content in a website. Therefore, the major keywords and key phrases can be beneficial if placed effectively on the Meta Tags.

The search engines also use inbound links to rank a site. These are links from other sites to yours. The search engines rank the relevancy of links by evaluating the rankings of the website wishing to link to yours. As such, you should make sure you get links from high ranking sites so that you can benefit greatly and boost your rankings.

As for the content, it can either bolster or take away your rankings and traffic respectively. You should ensure you have relevant, informative content on your website on a regular basis. The content equally has to be optimized for the relevant keywords. Still on point, you have to update content on your website on a regular basis because search engine spiders love fresh content. Needless to mention, fresh content will bolster your site’s traffic because your potential clients will always be coming back for more information.

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