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Using Article and Link Directories for Website Promotion

Date Added: June 07, 2010 03:19:14 PM
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While looking for the best solutions for website promotion, webmasters are faced with very many questions top among them the best method of promotion to use, the cost of promotion and time consuming factor. More importantly is selecting a web promotion method. One common practice that webmasters use is online resources such as web directories that give links from their pages to the sites listed with them. Despite the fact that experts advice that directory submissions are the best, webmasters are still faced with the option of choosing to promote their site through article directories or link directories.

Generally, both ways are effective. Keep in mind that the main purpose of site promotion is to put the site at a much higher and better level on the search engines results page so that it can easily be accessible by target audiences. Needless to mention, a top spot on the search results translates to more targeted traffic, which translates to better business.

When presented with article and link directories, your best bet would be link directory. For one, because it is less time consuming as it only needs a brief description of the site URL, keywords and title to be put in the directories and then filling the forms accurately upon where you will wait for an approval and if you are approved, your job is done.

Article directories on the other hand call for more dedication because you are supposed to submit articles on the directories and not plain links. Writing articles is not only time consuming but can be very expensive especially if you don’t know how to write articles which are relevant to the theme of your site and which are rich in keywords.

Pros and Cons of both
- Whereas the link directory only keeps a brief description of your website, an article directory stores a whole article about a particular subject and reinforces it using a web link. If someone comes to look for specific information, what are the chances that the user will benefit from a very short description as they scroll down a long list of other links? And what are the chances that the user will benefit when they search using specific keywords that appear on the page with an article with relevant information and a suggested link?

There is an irrefutable feature that gives link directories an upper hand over article directories -- the provision of automated submission. It is very economical and wise time management to have a good database of sites that allow automated webpage submissions hence an increased number of back-links are created in a very short time.

Link directory stores many links in a given page, which is less valuable in the eyes of the search engines. Article directories on the other hand have one article per page meaning that the link placed at the end of the article has more privacy hence greater value for the search engines.

In a nutshell, both article directories and link directories have their own share of advantages and disadvantages, however, there are unique features available only with link directory submissions.

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