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Search Engine Optimization Made Simple

Date Added: April 15, 2010 10:51:30 PM
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Search engine optimization, or SEO, means improving a site’s awareness by the search engines. When a consumer initiates an inquiry with a search engine, there are often thousands, sometime even millions, of results, called hits. SEO means improving the placement of a site on relevant search results lists. Studies indicate that consumers only look at the first several pages of a results list. If your site isn’t at or near the top of the list, it won’t be noticed and your traffic volume will not benefit.

SEO involves understanding the search engine process and developing a strategy that will get your site prominently noticed. The search engines don’t make this obvious because they closely guard their proprietary rating techniques, called algorithms. Further, search engines are constantly reviewing and changing their ranking methods in order to be able to produce the most relevant results to an inquiry.

One of the key SEO methods is to identify keywords and phrases, and correctly place them within the website. As search engines crawl through virtually all the sites in the world, they note keywords and references within the sites. Later, when a consumer has initiated an inquiry, the search engine sorts through its database of sites to locate the ones that are likely to be relevant to the particular inquiry. As there are well over one-hundred million websites worldwide, this is a monumental task.

Keywords should be made as specific as is practical to do. Keywords of a general nature will be noticed by search engines but the relevance won’t be high and so it does nothing to move the site up on the rankings. The selection and placement of keywords within the site involves something of a balance. Overly precise keyword usage may not flow well for the customer that is reading your site. This could harm sales. On the other hand, overly general keyword usage will not generate the needed traffic.

SEO also means getting a site included in forums, blogs and online articles. Search engines note these references and raise the site’s rating accordingly.

When websites agree to provide links to each other, they both benefit. Obviously, there is a traffic increase created by the click links. Not so obvious is the fact that search engines like to see links and will generally raise the ranking for both sides of the link. It is extremely important that linked sites be relevant. A yellow tee-shirt site linked to a yellow rose site will likely cause both sites to be penalized in the ranking process.

There is much more to the SEO process. This is just an introduction and an explanation of its importance.

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