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Is Submitting to Web Directories for One Way Links the Best SEO Strategy?

Date Added: April 05, 2010 03:30:15 PM
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The answer to the question as to whether web directory submission is the best way to go lacks a definite yes or no. For one, it is an undeniable fact that there are some significant improvements in site Search Engine Rankings which can be directly credited to directory submissions. However, you have to adhere to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing best-practices. It is to be noted that it is within the sphere of possibility that a scantily conducted web directory submission campaign could be considered by the search engines as spam and prove to be a futile exercise after all.  

Web Directory submissions can be very effective and useful and should be done and not ignored. You shouldn’t however rely on them fully as the only Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Truth is, you can get a few targeted visits thanks to the directory listings but they will not give you a huge amount of traffic or boost your rankings or pagerank in a matter of hours. With that said, directory submission can be taken seriously on the following few exceptions and things:

Always use Unique Descriptions and Titles – you should have a unique description and title for each of the directories you will submit to. Ensure your main keywords and keyword phrases are well used in the title and description, and ensure that the language is flowing naturally and not spamming. Take the time to create a new title and description for each submission; it will pay off in the end.

Only submit to the best directories. It would be pointless to submit to poor ranking directories, those that have spam on their pages, or those with poor reputation because it would be a total waste of time and money. Go for the highest possible quality web directories, the likes of DMOZ and Yahoo Directory, as well as some niche directories that specialize in your specific niche.

It is OK to deep-link if the directory you are submitting to permits deep-linking. Deep linking is where you submit the URL of web pages beyond your homepage. Keep in mind though that one link per directory is more than enough hence you shouldn’t do it for each and every directory you wish to submit to.

Never submit to a directory section just because the section has a high page rank rather, look for the directory section that is most related and relevant to your site and then submit there. In other words, your aim should be thematic linking and not PageRank.

When dealing with paid directory submission services, it is to be noted that they can save you lots of energy and time but you have to be very careful and dictate where and how they submit. Never allow them to run out of control because they’ll end up spam-submitting your website to over 50 million unrelated directories and the outcome is not something that you will like for sure.

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