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Effective Use of Keywords for SEO

Date Added: March 18, 2010 07:03:38 PM
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If you own a website today, you should be aware by now that traffic doesn’t drive itself towards the site, something has to be done by you. You should do all you can to direct visitors to your website, or at least position yourself in a strategic place so that visitors can find you, who then will translate into traffic, conversions and ultimately sales. Internet marketers have over time devised new ways of driving traffic, some which are free and some which can be very expensive.

For starters, you can pay to get an advert placed on another website, you can engage in PPC advertising, you can advertise on an ezine, or better still you can subscribe and advertise on any of the many online newsletters that have many followers. All these methods are effective ways of driving traffic towards a website.  On the flipside, there is a free of charge way of driving traffic towards a website, but only if you care to understand the ins and outs of the same.

This is known as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) which entails modifying a website to boost its rankings on the SE results. Getting high rankings on the Search engines is paramount to the success of your online business because when web surfers search for something online, they are most likely going to click on the results that appear in the first page i.e. the first 10 websites. With that said, one of the proven and time tested ways to rate highly on the SERPS is to have informative, quality content within your site.

The main aim of the search engines is to try as much as they possibly can and catalog each and every single site on the WWW. Sadly though, it might not be very possible hence they can only rank the sites when these sites meet a certain ‘set’ criteria. Even so, some internet marketers take advantage of the SE system and try to practice unscrupulous acts to manipulate the SE spiders and get high rankings.

You can boost your page ranks by practicing such things as effective use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout the content on each web page. Use the keywords effectively and avoid overstuffing to avoid being penalized. The keyword density should be at least 2-3% per every 100 words for effective keyword use. The use of keywords should also flow naturally so that your readers can understand what they are reading about. As such, you should have both the search engines and your potential visitors in mind when doing Search Engine Optimization.

Thanks to technology, today you can be able to SE optimize your website in less than an hour, as the entire process has been automated. There are software available online today, some which are free of charge, that are able to do just about everything for you, giving you enough time to worry about the format of your website, the content to use, the quality of your products and/or services and other things but optimization.

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