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Bolster your Page Rank with a Directory Listing

Date Added: March 22, 2010 09:51:51 PM
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The main goal of a webmaster is to increase the amount of targeted traffic towards their website. Sadly though, many webmasters today don’t factor in the design of their website and by design it is not about colors, graphics or images, it is about a website being optimized. When looking to list your website on link directories, always ensure you list with a high quality, recognized and reputable web directory in order to get targeted traffic and bolster your rankings. You would rather have a few high quality links than many useless links.

Listing in web directory links can either be free of charge, paid, or free with a reciprocal link. Always go for a link that can be traced and followed down, and list in a directory category of the same content as your site. One of the most critical reasons why you should submit to directories is because the web directories are human edited. As such, the search engines will always crawl the directories first as they place very high value on the sites listed in directories. Websites found related to the search query will get high listings in the search engines results page.  Directory submission of websites is a well established but sadly often disregarded search engine optimization strategy that can work wonders on the amount of targeted traffic towards your site.

One of the things that you as a webmaster should do is to edit and ensure the title is within the required 60 characters maximum. Use your real website title and make sure it is a true reflection of your site because the website title is always displayed in the search engines results page. Coming down to the description, it has to be precise, correctly written with no typos or spelling errors. Many websites today that are submitted to directories get rejected not for any other reason but because the description doesn’t meet the rules of the directory. Your site description should be written in the third person and shouldn’t include excessive marketing. Ensure you include your Unique Selling Proposition on the site description.

Even though the description will more or less resemble the description style of nearly all other sites in your niche market in your targeted directory, it still has to be very unique. Still on point, you have to ensure that you use the right keywords, title, and descriptions all in their right category.  

With that said, it is important to keep in mind that not any directory submission will provide you with the targeted traffic that you want. Also, be advised that you will get almost immediate link popularity when you submit to the RSS directory submission. Some of the free link directories available today have a poor Google Page rank hence may not be the best sites to submit to. Paid directories on the other hand have a competitive edge as the free directories are at times thought by the search engines as spam perhaps because of the simple reason that the sites aren’t optimized well.

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